Baird and Vance Launch Washington Independents

New Organization Dedicated to Electing Centrist Independent Candidates in Washington State

For Immediate Release                                              Contact:  Brian Baird (425) 361-6911

November 15, 2017                                                    or Chris Vance (253) 347-9713          

Former Democratic Congressman, Brian Baird, and former Republican State Representative, King County Councilmember, and State Party Chairman, Chris Vance, today announced the formation of Washington Independents, a political action committee affiliated with the national Centrist Project, dedicated to electing centrist, independent candidates to office.  Baird and Vance serve as Co-Chairs of a ten member Board of Directors made up of political, civic, and business leaders.

Describing why he agreed to co chair the effort, Baird said, "Everywhere I go I hear voters saying they are tired of extremes and want alternatives to the current choices.   They are looking for candidates who will listen, have the courage and integrity to solve the tough issues, and who will put principal over party or special interests and people over partisanship.  Working with the Centrist Project we can help provide those alternatives and restore the confidence of voters in their democracy and institutions."

Vance added, “The two parties have let America down for too long.  It is time to give voters an alternative – a movement based on problem solving and common sense, not extreme ideologies.  Electing just a few independents to office will begin to fundamentally change politics in Washington State.”

The mission of Washington Independents and the Centrist Project is to provide independent candidates the support they need to be competitive:  money, professional campaign assistance, and grassroots volunteers.  In addition to the Board, over 600 people in Washington State have already signed up to help.

Washington Independents will support independent candidates for state office who fit the culture of Washington State:  fiscally responsible and pro-free enterprise, but progressive on social issues and the environment.  While this new movement has no rigid litmus tests, a general statement of principles can be found here:

Our board members

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